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Basic Sketch


+$10for each additional character

Rough sketch line, with monochrome or slight color


Detailed Sketch


+$12for each additional character

Rough sketch line, with full color and shading, cel or painterly


Clean Line w/ Flat color


+$15for each additional character

Clean ink line, with full color and no shading


Clean Line w/ shading


+$20for each additional character

Clean ink line, with full color and shading, no/minimal background


Full piece w/



(depending on the complexity of the scene)

Fully rendered piece, with clean ink line, shading, and background



Ko-fi sketch

$9(3 ko-fi's)

Rough and dirty sketch with no to minimal color


I CAN AND WILL DRAW fanart, original art/OCs, and furries! I CANNOT AND WILL NOT DRAW porn, ecchi, hate/kill art, obvious kink art, or anything too graphic of that nature.


I also reserve the right to refuse any commission request I’m not comfortable drawing.


Interested? Follow these guidelines for Digital Commissions:


  • Message me either on twitter or Discord, or email me.

  • Payments are accepted via Paypal only. Once the commission and price is worked out you will be directed to my Paypal account.

  • Don’t stress thinking you have to calculate the price before you ask me about the request, I can help with that!

  • DO NOT SEND YOUR PAYMENT UNTIL YOUR REQUEST IS APPROVED. When you pay, select “Goods and Services" and then select “No Address Needed”, please!

  • Usually, I take full payments up front, but if your commission is costly, or you’re asking for multiple pieces, we can definitely arrange for half now, half upon completion.

  • Be as detailed as possible in your description, and please state which tier to make pricing go faster.

  • Reference is highly recommended, if not mandatory depending on the character. If no images of the character exist yet, supplementary reference of the character's details is needed.

  • Progress updates (sketches of more completed commissions) via message or email are available upon request.

  • Let me know whether you want to receive your commission privately or allow it to be posted on my social media.

  • Commissions, once received, are for NON-PROFIT USE ONLY, unless stated otherwise. Proper credit is expected if it’s used anywhere, and personal notification is appreciated!

  • And please be patient! Ideally, I like to get through commissions asap, but things always happen in life, on top of larger queues, no less!

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